Reviews from former and current students 


June 12, 2019 by JenGen

I started private lessons with Celia in 2018 and am continuing to with her currently. Since starting to work with her, colleagues and friends as well as my francophne husband have all noticed my increased confidence and proficiency. Celia is very flexible with the teaching schedule which is essential for me and she is also very adaptable in her teaching style, she is very understanding about my horror of grammar!

I am very happy with my progress and thoroughly recommend Celia's services to anyone who wants to improve their French in a supportive atmosphere tailored to your needs.



May 25, 2019 by Sara Elshafeey

Celia was a great private French teacher, I really enjoyed studying with her, she was always on time and very professional, my French improved a lot with her and was able to communicate in french after we finished. she follows a practical and personalized approach which is customized to my needs. Thanks Celia it was a pleasure studying with you.



May 20, 2019 by Anastasia Belyaeva

Celia is an excellent french teacher, highly recommended! She immediately realised what I needed and each lesson is tailored accordingly. Thanks to Celia I've made a good progress quickly and now feel much more confident when speaking and writing  in French. i feel wery much at ease with her and always look forward to our lessons.


April 26, 2019 by Sun C

I highly recommend Célia as your French teacher !! Thanks to her lessons I could improve competencies of French : speaking, writing, vocabulary and grammar. I especially appreciate that she tailors each lesson based on my needs and requests and that she corrects my wrong use of French in a very gentle manner. Now I can speak and write in French with more confidence.


Feb 26, 2019 by Stephanie C

I had a very good experience with Célia as my French teacher. My speaking ability has improved thanks to her gentle guidance, expert explanations, and good humor. I also appreciated that she was able to accomodate my work schedule. she is truly dedicated to helping her students improve, and she obviouly has a passion for her work. Thank you, Célia !



Feb 14, 2019 by Marina D

Célia is a very kind teacher who has heleped me a lot with her patient manner to re-gain confidence in speaking French. She tailors the classes based on the needs and interests of the student. I particularly appreciate her punctuality and flexiibility when it comes to rescheduling classes. I highly recommend Célia as French teacher.



Dec 1, 2018 by Grace H

Célia is the best French teacher I have so far. I have been learning French back in Indonesia for three years and had no confidence to talk at all when first arrived. I tried to search a private tutor but didn't  feel comfortable until I saw her reviews on glocals. They are true. She is excellent ! Shortly after having my classes with her,  I am able to buy  bakery , groceries and shoes. I am now able to hold an hour conversation in French thanks to Célia. I highly recommend her to anyone.

May 27, 2018 by Justin R

Excellent experience with Célia. Her schedule is flexible, a boon for those working. Class work is as structured as required. We have had excellent lessons doing texbook texbook dialogues, and equally engaging sessions simply discussing  issues encountered in French speaking Switzerland. At about 20 sessions in, we continue to look forward to class each week and have no intention of stopping . Highly recommended.


Mar 24, 2018 by Wonjae Lee,

Célia is a very nice teacher you can count on. Her class is interactive and you can learn a lot of practical expressions that work in real life conversations. I was a total beginner when I started studying with her once every week. It didn't

take long for me to understand and communicate in basic French. I highly recommend her.

Feb 14, 2018 by John H

Célia is an excellent teacher and  also very accomodating, coming to teach at my office and able to work around holidays  etc.

Good mix of content to help you both on the conversational side and more formal grammar,

from beginner to advance. Highly recommend.


Jan 22, 2018 by Panpan 102

Célia is an excellent teacher - professional, engaging, flexible and very helpful. she also helped me prepare and pass the FR test

for Swiss naturatization. I recommend her very highly.

Juil 23, 2017 by Sean D

Célia was just what I needed as a teacher. She is experienced and proven flexible as well as able to strike an effective balance between formal learning and conversational French.


May 9, 2017 by Therese L.

Célia is an excellent tutor and I highly recomment hiring her if you want to improve your French quickly. As a beginner,I have seen notable improvement in my comprehension and speaking confidence in just two months of working with her. she guides me through a course method, and  she is also very willing to answer my questions help me with specific needs (for example medical terminology), and give me useful suggestions for maximizing my self-study. the best reference I can give is that Geneva locals have begun complimenting me on my French...which of course is a compliment on Celia's skills as a teacher.


Mar 22, 2017 by  alexandra Y

I have been taking lessons with celia for 5 months and she has been fantastic. she is patient and flexible and caters to what I want to learn. We covered a range of everyday topics and vocabulary, grammar and conversation practice. She is lovely and dedicated and I whole-heartedly recommend her.


Feb 3, 2017 by Amy J, My spoken French has greatly improved with Celia. I have achieved fluency. She is friendly, patient, reliable and flexible. she is an outstanding teacher. In December I managed to pass the delf exam level B1 thanks to her efficient teaching methods.


Dec 12 2016, by Sara Daparma

I have been learning French with celia for nearly 6 months now and I have improved my French in many areas such as pronunciation, grammar and verbal and written expression. She is reliable, punctual and flexible with scheduling all the classes. Futhermore I was able to pass my B1 exam in Ifage with a score of 91/100 !!!




July 15, 2016 by Shannon Kilgore

Celia is wonderful and very patient. After a couple of years in Geneva and very slow progress, I was/am depressed. i contacted

Celia to arrange some private lessons first, then a small group with some friends.She is patient with all our many mistakes and questions

and is great at tailoring the lessons to our needs.Plus she comes to my home which makes a much more relaxed learning environement.I

Highly recommend her


July 11th, 2016 by Charlene  Watson,

I have taken a range of French classes over the last few years (group and individual, at home or in language schools) and Celia is

the best that I have found for me.She if flexible, encouraging and has infinite patience for questions.My French has improved a lot

in just a few months and my confidence is growing.It's a pleasure to learn with Celia.It's the first time I have had language lessons

where I am not watching the clock waiting for them to finish.


June 12th, 2016 by Teri Roberts,

I underwent three weeks of morning lesssons with Celia that were very successful.She is kind, patient, punctual and a good teacher.

She is also happy to customize the lessons to your needs (e.g. depending on whether your goal is to learn French for conversation,work,

passing a French exam etc). I would definitely recommend her.


June 6th, 2016 by Carlo Smith

 I have been taking French lessons from Celia for some years now and during that time I have improved all aspects of my language skills as well as gained  a lot of confidence when speaking in public.The lessons are conducted in French as much as possible but Celia's English is excellent,  which helps when you need to ask some questions or require clarification about something.Celia is flexible about the structure of the lessons and I found that a mixture of reading,writing, speaking and listening was most  beneficial in helping me learn effectively.She has a range of textbooks and cds but you can also bring your own literature as well.

Celia also takes notes of what is said in the lessson which is really useful and I found it invaluable when revising what I had learnt during the week.

Celia has many years of experience in teaching students and professionals of different levels.She is punctual, flexible, polite, patient and hardworking.

She gives you full attention and concentration during the whole lesson and you feel that she is really willing you to learn more.I would strongly recommend her as a tutor  and would have no doubt that you would improve your French with her and also enjoy the learning experience.

May 3rd,2016 by Claire O

I have been learning French with Celia for the past two years.

In that time I have seen my French improve significantly. Her methods are thorough but flexible and her approach is calm and encouraging, she is always punctual and very accomodating when I need to change our classes. I always enjoy my weekly class with Celia - I cannot recommend her highly enough.

April 28th, 2016 by Sara Daparma

I have been learning French with Celia for nearly 6 months now and I have improved my French in many areas such as pronunciation, grammar and verbal and written expression.She is reliable, punctual and flexible with scheduling all the classes.

If your are a beginner, or intermediate student I recommend her to you!

Feb 12, 2016 by Daniela Hutkova

I worke on my French with Celia during 6 months.While I started with some basic knowledge from the past but barely able to speak, I imroved during a time.Very convenient is the lesson at my workplace that I don't need to travel anywhere.Timing of the lesson is very flexible and I could always adjusted them based on my week working calendar without any problem.

Lessons were great motivation for my selfstudy and I appreciate Celia's patience.None of grammatical of idiomatic case we came accross was left unexplained.

For future students : Enjoy your lessons with Celia


Sept 19th, 2014 by Vera Moreva 

I contacted celia after reading her very good reviews. I can say that she truly exceeded my expectations.I have been seeing Celia twice a week for a month now, and I have made incredible progress.When I started with Celia, I was not able to have a simple social conversation and now I'm very comfortable in everyday situations where I have to use French.Celia is an extremely dedicated teacher customizing her approach to your individual needs, she pushes you but is also flexible and willing to focus where you really need to practise.For example she worked very hard to clean up my pronunciation and strengthen my listening comprehension.More importantly she is a wonderful person, very kind and punctual.Overall, she is the best private teacher that I have had!



Aug 14th, 2014 by Maryam Janani 

My friend and I took lessons with Celia for about a month and a half while interning over the summer.Celia is professional, can meet you at your home or work, and creates lessons based on students' needs and requests.We started out as complete beginners but learned much in vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.I wanted a teacher who 1) would allow me to ask questions and 2) would ensure I didn't make the same mistake in my speech and writing repeatedly - and Celia does just that.If we were not to be leaving Geneva so soon, we are confident that we would be having advanced conversations in no time.



June Aug 23th, 2014 by Paul Hoyland 

I have been taking lessons with Celia, now for several months.When I started I could understand little in French and could speak even less.Now I am much more confident and proficient.She comes to my house weekly and we spend the time practising grammar, listening and crucially for me, speaking.By doing one-to-one lessons she is very flexible with the content of the class and adapts the lesson to one's needs.She is also very understanding if I have to cancel the class for whatever reason offering to reschedule.I would highly recommend her.



June 6th, 2014 by Livio L

Dear Celia, right today it is exactly one year since I have started taking lessons with you.I remember I could not speak, read and write one single word in your fantastic language.See where I am now, speaking and reading fluently,writing better and better.Thank you for all you have taught me, for your patience,and above all for your incredible language skills.Je vais vous voir la semaine prochaine! Livio



Apr 1st, 2014 by Amparo Garcia Lopez

I started my lessons with Celia as a total beginner a little less than a year ago and since then I feel I have made a lot of progress with my French.I'm definitely more confident addressing ppl in French at shops/restaurants etc, and I think Celia was very good at helping me build a solid foundation for my grammar.

She comes once a week to my house on Saturdays, which I truly appreciate since I'm too busy at work to have lessons during the week.Because I travel a lot she's also been very flexible at changing dates, even very last minute and rearranging the lessons.She's a very friendly and kind person, who always puts her students' priorities first.

Altogether if you're looking into taking private French lessons, I highly recommend Celia.



Feb 2, 2014 by Matt Kilsby 

I can't rate Celia highly enough.I've introduced her to a number of folks at my work, all of whom are enjoying their French lessons and Celia's style.she travels to our office and teaches on site.she adapts her teaching style to each individual - eg she had the idea of giving me a test every few weeks -  As for me it is the best way to force me to revise and learn.What impresses me is the test are individually written and customised for me on both what I have learned and facts/observations about my own life.She is also reasonably priced.Sign up with Celia - You won't regret it !




Jan 26, 2014 by David W 

I contacted Celia based on good recommendations on Glocals and I was not diappointed! We have focused mostly on conversational French, and with her help I managed to be both more confident and more equipped to speak in everyday situations. Celia is both pleasant to work with and very patient.Not to mention flexible in accomodating her students!




Jan 13, 2014 by Edward Q 

Célia is a very good teacher and made French for me a joy to learn.She was very flexible in coming to my work during lunch

times and understood when I needed to reschedule due to work commitments.If you're thinking of learning French Célia is where you should start.



Dec 27, 2013 by Sveta N 

I contacted Célia because of good recommendations on glocals.She is very good in explaining complicated things until you

understand.She is very flexible, patient and friendly.



Sept 8, 2013 by Daniel G 

I am one of Célia's current students and whole-heartedly recommend her services to anyone seriously wishing to improve their French.She has worked wonders on mine.Célia has proved to be totally reliable and flexible in accommodating my professional schedule.As a teacher she has been responsive in adapting to my needs and patient and thoughtful in answering questions whether they related to matters grammatical, semantic, social or cultural.Célia is not only a committed teacher but also a pleasant person to work with.I have enjoyed our lessons a good deal.



Aug 29, 2013 by Hester C 

 I have been having lessons with Célia for several months, and  feel that I have really benefited from her teaching.We worked through a text book,but also spent a lot of time on conversation, particularly related to my job, which was very hepful. Many thanks Célia!

May 18, 2013 by Gisèle S (five stars on glocals).I made Célia's acquaintance two years ago while she was teaching one of my English friends.My friend learnt how to deal with everyday life situations in no time.Célia is an outstanding teacher.



Mar 12, 2013 by Gianfranco Piroli  

It has been a real pleasure to work with Célia. Célia is very professional and punctual.I have benefited a lot from her classes.Thank you Célia.GF



Nov 9, 2012 by Kiddy 

It hs been a real pleasure to work with Célia!. My husband and I started French lessons with her back in Dec 2011.We met with Célia once a week ont the weekend.she was flexible on the times we met as we have a toddler.Célia is ambitious and driven.she used the session effectively and she was always timely.We worked on various activities such as oral, written, translation of newspaper articles, role-play etc.We worked in a fun atmosphere and welcomed questions of all sorts.We always had material to review for the next session so we got a lot of practice qhile she was away.She speaks English very well which was helpful at times but we mostly spoke French during class and she encourages only using French.We felt more and more comfortable with expressing ourselves in French.We had effective use of the tenses in our topics discussed.If we weren't leaving Geneva for good we would have continued to work with her.We will miss her! We are happy to recommend Célia to anyuone who is serious about learning French.Just tell her what you would like to work on and she will work with you to help reach your goal.But don't forget...practice, practice, practice!!!




Nov 5, 2012 by desdemona 

I've found Célia thanks to Glocals.We started the lessons in October 2011.When I started, I was not able to have a conversation in French, I didn't feel com-fortable to communicationg in French and I had a strong accent that was making others struggle to understand me.Célia is a charming and friendly person.Very diligent and professional.We meet once a week for 1.5 hours.she comes over to my place and the time is always agreed between us.She always tries to adjust the lessons to my availabilities.she also works on Saturdays.She adapts the content of the lessons to my needs.I'm very happy with her lessons and her tips.she is also available all the time in case I have some doubts or I need her help.Thanks to her my French has quickly improved and I've lost all the fears I used to have when speaking French.I fell much more confident and it's something visible by others.I've been told that my French got much more better and this is definitely thanks to Célia. I highly encourage you to contact her in case you need a French teacher. You won't be disappointed.The relation quality/price is very good.To me, the best way to learn good French. Best regards.





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