.Rates :

one-to-one classes :


80.- for a 60 minute occasional session payable on the day

After a first session payable after the class ,we invite the student to buy a 10 lesson package at the next session if they decide to continue. this trial 60 min class is at 60.-


Packages for one-to-one classes :

rates for 10 and 20 lesson packages for regular students :

 10 lesson package for 60 min classes : 


 600.-  for individual students

700.- for companies

 20  lesson package for 60 min classes :

1100 for individual students

 1200 for companies 


Group classe


All the students must have approximately the same level

No discount for group classes


For two people



70.- for a 60 min session

(35.- per student)

10 lessson package :


350.- per student


80.- for a 90 min session

(40.- per student) 

10 lesson package


400.- per student

For three people

90.- for a 60 min session

(30.- per student).

10 lesson package :


300.-per student


105.- for a 90 min session

(35.- per student)

10 lesson package :


350 per student

For four people :

100.- for a 60 min sesssion

(25.- per student)

10 lesson package :


250 per student

120.- for a 90 min session

(30.- pers tudent)

10 lesson package :


300.- per student



Conditions :


1) Regular classes are payable in a advance.


2) students and companies are invited to buy a package.


We are committed tutors so we expect our students' commitment in return. 


3) A receipt is systematically provided for each package.


4) For group classes if one of the students is away the classes are put on hold until  they are back.

5) We accept two cancellations for the 10 lesson package.

6) Note that the payment for a new package takes place at lesson n°10 (not at n°1 of the new package)


7) Any lesson cancelled by sms or email  the  previous day before  6 pm will be rescheduled


8) KIndly note that any lesson cancelled the same day will be charged and not rescheduled.

9) We are experienced teachers who provide the best possible service so we are not to be held responsible for a lack of progress.Learning a foreign language is no easy task and practising from one session to the next is essential to achieving fluency.



10) The use of a textbook is compulsory for students from level A0 to level B2.

11) Any package must be taken in full within the following six months  after it is purchased, the date is always mentioned on the receipt.

Within this six months period untaken lessons are always rescheduled, they are not refundab

Afer a six months period without news from the student the lessons are  neither rescheduled nor refunded


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